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Welcome to the new look

I would like to thank all of you for your mail and suggestions about the new look site. I hope that it meets your expectations. Before I am inundated with mails please remember that I am restricted from making any comments so unfortunatley, some of your suggestions could not be used, but thanks anyway.

For first time visitors the 'My Story' link is ideal for you, however for more frequent visitors to the site, the new 'FAQ'S' page is where the main content now lies.

As you may see, the very successful page of 'Post Media Rights 2002' is still available and will continue to be updated over the coming weeks and months untill it all comes to an end!!!!!

'Case News' will keep everyone with an interest in what is happening in the court. Obviously some of this information may not be disclosed, but dates and proceedings wil be posted.

As always feel free to email me with your comments and experiences. No information will be disclosed or published on this site without prior written consent. Since the launch of this site my eyes have been open to the amount of Independent Bookmakers that are running their business' in fear of the "big boy's"....'Contact Me' will privately get your message to me.

S.I.S pricing policy "hovering on perhaps the right side of legality". ~ Angus Crichton-Miller

Racecourse Chairman, Angus Crichton-Miller said: "now in my view their pricing policy hovers on perhaps the right side of legality. The pricing policy which says that essentially every customer pays the same, not withstanding that there is an enormous difference in turnover between bigger shops and smaller shops. This gives a huge competitive advantage to the big bookmaker chains. You have to ask yourself how well that fits with the two top bookmakers owning 40% and above of S.I.S. Well, I don't think that it fits very well at all."

I put the above quote on the home page just to give new visitors an air for what this site contains and reveals...