Case Developments & News

24th April 2000 Update The discovery/interlocutory proceedings will resume in the High Court on the 8th of May 2000.

20th March 2000 update! On the 13th March 2000 Mr Justice Finegan accepted the Defendant submission that it was like asking for a breakdown of the cost of each programme on television in respect of a licensee, which the Defendant submitted was unreasonable . However the Defendants agreed to disclose some documents which would show the amount that the Defendant was paying to B.A.G.S.

Mr Justice Finegan said that if the Plaintiff was not satisfied with these disclosures it is open to the Plaintiff to serve a further Motion on the Court.

On the 6th March 2000 Mr Justice Kinlen ordered the Defendant to disclose to the Plaintiff the file bearing reference “SR12682” and full contents within one month. Mr Justice Kinlen recommended that the Defendant make available as a matter of courtesy a breakdown of the service fee prior to 1993 to the Plaintiff, however he said he could not order the Defendant to do so.

Continuing Discovery Proceedings Today Monday 6th March!

S.I.S pricing policy "hovering on perhaps the right side of legality".

Racecourse Chairman, Angus Crichton-Miller said: "now in my view their pricing policy hovers on perhaps the right side of legality. The pricing policy which says that essentially every customer pays the same, not withstanding that there is an enormous difference in turnover between bigger shops and smaller shops. This gives a huge competitive advantage to the big bookmaker chains. You have to ask yourself how well that fits with the two top bookmakers owning 40% and above of S.I.S. Well, I don't think that it fits very well at all."

B.B.O.A Seminar 18th January 2000.

5th February 2000 Preliminary hearings are continuing in the High Court on Monday 7th February 2000.

Following the Masters Court hearing mentioned below, the case has now been transferred for hearing before a High Court Judge in chambers on 15th November 1999, which incidentally is 5 years to the date, that S.I.S stopped their service to my premises.

Watch for more developments.

30/11/1999 I shall be attending the High Court in Dublin for a Master's Court Hearing on Thursday the 4th November 1999 at 10:30am. This is not the trial of the action itself but a step along the way to that end. It is a part of what is called the 'Discovery Process'. I have previously issued a Notice of Motion to have the Defendants (S.I.S) defence 'struck out' for non-compliance with a previous Master's Order. I will let you know what happens.

If anyone wishes to attend, I will stand them a drink afterwards (only one mind).