My Story

Now Find out how you can claim back around £2,400 per office from S.I.S Ltd.

1. Who am I?

My name is Sean Lawless. I have operated Licensed Betting Offices in the Dundalk and County Dublin areas of Ireland since 1969. I was also on the Council of the Irish Independent Betting Offices’ Association (I.I.B.O.A.) for many years, representing County Louth.

2. What happened to me?

In April 1994, S.I.S. unilaterally, and I contend, unlawfully, incorporated the B.A.G.S. subscription into the S.I.S. service fee. I wrote to S.I.S. requesting a breakdown of the service fee but my request was simply ignored. In November 1994 I sent a cheque to S.I.S. for the amount due less the disputed balance, which I agreed to put on joint-deposit with them, until the matter was decided by their own method of arbitration. On the 14th November 1994 S.I.S. cleared my cheque for the undisputed amount, and the next day disconnected their service from my premises. At no time have they provided me with a word of explanation for their actions. As a consequence of their reckless and oppressive behaviour I was put out of business, and I have remained so ever since. S.I.S. were, and still are, a monopoly provider of a vital service to off-course bookmakers, I also contend that their action in this matter constitutes an abuse of a dominant position.

3. Why I need you - How will you benefit?

Although I have a solid case for fundamental breach of Contract against S.I.S., one can never be certain about the outcome of any litigation. In the event that I were to lose the case I would be faced with enormous costs. Even if I win the case I may not be able to recover all of my costs to date, nor secure enough damages to fully compensate me for my actual losses. However, if I could find a way of making ‘Common Cause’ with other Independent Bookmakers I may be able to insure myself against the risks and uncertainties of litigation. As a consequence of the alleged unilateral and unlawful change in the S.I.S./USER Contract imposed by S.I.S. I estimate that Independent Bookmakers have been individually overcharged £2,300+ Per Office (UK), £2,500+ Per Office (Eire) since 1994. I also contend that S.I.S. have further overcharged Independent Bookmakers from 1987. If I can win a judgement for breach of Contract against S.I.S. all other Independent Bookmakers will be able to claim back the amounts by which they have individually been overcharged. What I am seeking is an agreement with Independent Bookmakers whereby I retain 20% of the amount I recover on their behalf (with their consent) through my Litigation. I need your support through this agreement in order to prosecute this case to trial in the High Court, and if need be in the Supreme Court, with all its attendant costs and risks.

4. Why it will cost you nothing!

I am not seeking financial support of any kind to prosecute this case to trial in the High Court (or if necessary the Supreme Court), but only for a percentage of what money I recover for Independent Bookmakers in general. You will not be asked to contribute any money whatsoever.

5. Are there any risks to you?

When I receive your authorisation to recover the amount that you have been over-charged, it will be stored with all other consent orders in the safe, in the office of my Solicitor. It will be his job to obtain the refund from S.I.S. and distribute it to those concerned. No one will know that you have signed a consent order. Once judgement has been obtained my Solicitor will apply for repayment on behalf of the signatories to the agreement. This will eliminate the possibility that any individual can be victimised in any way.

6. How will it work?

You and your fellow Independent Bookmakers will send me your written consent to recover your money. If the response is sufficient, I will then prosecute the case to trial and obtain judgement. My Solicitor will then apply for refunds, which he will then distribute to all those concerned